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KIDS凱司 · 蒲公英幸福園榮獲IDPA中日國際先鋒設計大賽·建筑空間設計類 國際先鋒獎




On May 8, 2019, the second China Japan international design culture exchange exhibition in Tokyo and the award ceremony of Tokyo IDPA international pioneer design award were grandly and successfully held at the China culture center in Tokyo. The event was jointly sponsored by China International Interior Design network, Japan China Economic and Cultural Promotion Association and China Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan, and co organized by Tokyo Co., Ltd.



With the continuous development of cultural exchanges between China and Japan, the exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan in the field of creative design are also advancing to a wider field and a higher height. This China Japan international design culture exchange exhibition will invite dignitaries of China and Japan, ambassadors and cultural counsellors of Chinese embassies and consulates in Japan, and leading guests of China Japan design industry organization association to attend and deliver speeches, and present awards to the award-winning designers and design institutions of this exchange exhibition.



The second China Japan international design culture exchange exhibition 2019 and the award ceremony of IDPA international pioneer design award in Tokyo, Japan. The exchange series of activities of China Japan international design theme forum have created opportunities for designers from China and Japan to communicate face-to-face and display design ideas and design culture, as well as to promote the deepening of cultural and creative industries in China and Japan Wider international cooperation opens a new chapter.


日本IDPA國際設計評審團頒獎嘉賓:喬本 夕紀夫先生/笈川 誠先生/寶田 陵先生

Japan IDPA international design jury awards: Mr. Yoshimoto xijifu / Mr. gukawa Cheng / Mr. baotianling


日中經濟文化促進會理事長  角雄三先生致辭(左一);中日國際設計文化交流展暨IDPA國際先鋒設計大獎 國際評審團主席笈川 誠先生致辭(右一)

Mr. Koko xiongsan, President of Japan China Economic and Cultural Promotion Association, delivered a speech (first from the left); Speech by Mr. Ji Chuancheng, chairman of the international jury of China Japan international design culture exchange exhibition and IDPA international pioneer design Award (first from the right)

以“交流”為目的的IDPA設計,西安凱司建筑設計有限公司榮獲此獎致力于為孩子的成長創造“ 激發活力,開啟智慧 ”的學習空間,解決目前國內幼兒園設計存在的空間規劃不合理等問題。

For IDPA design for the purpose of "communication", Xi'an Kaisi Architectural Design Co., Ltd. won this award. It is committed to creating a learning space of "stimulating vitality and opening wisdom" for children's growth, and solving the problems existing in the current domestic kindergarten design, such as unreasonable space planning.

International Pioneer Award ` architectural space design

Appreciation of award-winning works


The project is located in the hinterland of Qinchuan, Shaanxi Province, close to mountains and rivers. Starting from the capture of nature and landscape, the design originates from the concept of "dandelion seed", a symbol with great Chinese agricultural cultural image. The new kindergarten of Shaanxi Preschool Normal University applies the design deformation of natural elements to the space, and the three-dimensional circulation of circular patterns creates a layered rhythm. The coordination and rhythm make the architectural space not complicated, The prototype machine with unified style is carved on the wall, and the floor glass improves the lighting and ventilation effect of the building, so that children can learn to see the world outside the window from different perspectives.


The overall shape of the project uses the extremely simple, abstract, pure and simple monochrome style in size and color. It is like a dandelion swaying in the wind, forming a harmonious relationship with the natural landscape. When the flowers are full of flowers, the heart is full, and all beauty is reflected on the smiling faces of children.

“ 從自然出發,為孩子設計 ”Starting from nature, design for children


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